The $500 dollar website is designed to work well for all types of businesses, organizations and personal websites.

Websites are a lot like vehicles: options can range from economy, to standard, to “fully loaded” – every accessory costs extra.

The $500 dollar website is considered to be an economy model. it has the same inner workings as a custom website. However, many options (that you may never use) are not included. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for them.

However, unlike a vehicle, extra features can be added as you need them. This helps to minimize your upfront cost. If you eventually need upgrades and additions, they usually can be completed quickly and for a reasonable cost.

What’s Included

Site Design & Development

  • Professionally designed & Built – Our experts do everything to the latest professional standards of web design. Your site will be clean and easy to navigate.
  • Branding – Your site will have the color scheme of your logo, and will look clean and modern.
  • Site Content – We will add up to 10 pages of your content, as well as editing of up to 10 pictures.
  • Mobile Friendly – Your site will work well on mobile devices.
  • Search Engine Optimized Site – WordPress has a great search engine optimization (SEO) built into it right from the point of installation. However, we improve on that.
  • You can manage your site – You can log in to your site to add, remove, or edit text, and add images or video whenever you want.
  • Phone Consultation – You will receive 30 minutes of FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs and requirements with our experts.
  • Access to Us – The web is competitive, and it’s hard to succeed on your own. We will always be just a call or an email away.

Technology Web Hosting – Our hardware & setup is well above industry standards. Our servers are housed in a data center that is on an extremely fast network that is connected to the Internet via multiple fibre-optic cables that run at 1000 Mbit/s. They are connected to the world’s leading telecommunications companies. This allows for the high bandwidth that is required for even the busiest of web sites.
(NOTE: Web hosting is included for free for the first 3 months. After that hosting packages start at $19.99 per month.)

Site Backups – Your site’s data is automatically backed up daily.

Security – We install the latest security upgrades to keep your site safe.

Email – Up to 5 email accounts are included in your hosting package.

What’s Not Included

As much as we’d like to, we can’t include every option for this one low price. Other than web hosting and your domain, most people won’t need these features. However, to be clear on things, we do not include the following services & features with a 500 dollar website:

  • Web Hosting – After the 3 month introductory period, hosting is billed monthly, quarterly or yearly, with rates starting at $19.95.
  • Domain Name – These typically run from $15.00 – $30.00.
  • Logo Design – If you need a logo, we have a great logo designer. Logos typically cost $500 – $750, but there is a pretty broad range of pricing. Please contact us for a more exact estimate.
  • Content Writing and/or Editing – We have writers that go over the fine details. If you need content written, re-written or edited, we can help you. This is billed at an hourly rate (and in some cases, per project).
  • Photo/Video Editing – We have specific staff editors who do this. It’s usually billed by the job, however, we sometimes bill at hourly rates.
  • Custom Animations – We have animators who can help you. Animation designs are typically billed by the hour, however we sometimes bill it per project.
  • Custom Programming and plugin development – WordPress is infinitely customizable. This is our strongest department. We bill this per project or on an hourly basis, depending on your specific needs and your project outcome.
  • Stock images, fonts, paid plugins or applications (including shopping carts) – These are offered by third party companies on a pay per use basis. We can integrate these options into your site, but the cost is paid for by you. You’ll be asked to approve on a purchase before we buy anything.