The most common question that we get is “Why do you do this?“. After all, websites are expensive. There is some truth to this. Our estimation is that an average small business website will cost around $3900.00. Why then would we even bother building a web site for such a deeply discounted price?

We do this for one simple reason…it is a great way to establish a business relationship with new people. This relationship will benefit the both of us. Here’s how…..

What’s in this for you….

  1. You get a modern looking and fully functional starter website (at a rock bottom price).
  2. You also get access to our expertise in website design. delivery and marketing. We have been successfully in the web site business for 20 years!
  3. You get your site fast! Due to our streamlined process we can often deliver you a site in less than a week!

What’s in this for us….

  1. We get you as a new client. Building a clientele and contacts is always a good thing for any business.
  2. We may get some future work on your site. In our experience, most websites grow and change over time. We believe that you will be successful. This will require additions and modifications to your website. As your business grows, it is our hope that you will trust us to build it for you.
  3. Like most of our clients, you will tell others about us. Referrals from satisfied clients are the lifeblood of any business. We will take as many as we can get.